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by Aliya Gilmore


A thousand miles above the mighty USSR.

Last recorded transmission from the burning Sputnik 2.
'She melts you know. The snowchild. She melts...'


Laika is trapped in a cardboard box, hurtling at 18,000mph into the unknown perils of space. But she isn't alone - the walls bend as she fills her square world with stories of wondrous planets made of fire, smoke and ash. Featuring live music, physical theatre and cutting-edge tech, Gilmore's story takes us on the final hours of Laika's infamous voyage, celebrating the soul who was the first to dance among the stars.

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DD - 2.1.png

by Eric Yu

'This is the most alive you will ever be. All young and bright You’ve got to grab it. Hold onto it until you’ve squeezed it to death.'


Sometimes, talking about a problem can make it even harder to understand.

Set over one night of dancing, debauchery and drugs, Death of a Disco Dancer is a black comedy centring around the charismatic but troubled Mattie. During a cocaine laced reunion with old friends, Mattie's nihilistic behaviour pushes the boundaries of their love to the limit. As they dance deeper into the night, the rotten core of their relationships comes to light, and we begin to question if the addiction Mattie experiences is the drugs they take, or the applause of the crowd they receive.

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foundations 1080x1920 just title.png

by Ilya Bodrenkova and Aimee Dickinson

A factory above, a factory below. Two worlds, existing side by side - until someone crosses the boundary.

MJ is a human who is sick of moving boxes around all day like a robot. Pins is a robot who doesn’t fit into the underground. When they meet in the space between their worlds, they form a friendship that blurs the boundaries of human and machine. Are we becoming machines? Are machines becoming too much like us? Is there another possibility?


Originally performed in The Assembly Rooms Theatre in partnership with Wrong Tree Theatre Company, Foundations is an experimental play about technology, love, and bad dancing, told through physical theatre and puppetry.

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AMND - Photo 5.jpg

by William Shakespeare

The forest of Fairyland is alive with imagination. An array of lost circus performers wander through the trees. Clowns cry. Dancers sway. And all around, fairies sing hypnotic lullabies. 

An entirely original adaptation of Shakespeare's infamous comedy of love, magic and dreams, UVP's unique blend of live music, expressive dance and beautiful colour promises to spin a tale as wild as the most love-sick imagination.

Roll up, roll up, and let the circus begin...


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