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by Ilya Bodrenkova and Aimee Dickinson

A factory above, a factory below. Two worlds, existing side by side - until someone crosses the boundary.

MJ is a human who is sick of moving boxes around all day like a robot. Pins is a robot who doesn’t fit into the underground. When they meet in the space between their worlds, they form a friendship that blurs the boundaries of human and machine. Are we becoming machines? Are machines becoming too much like us? Is there another possibility?


Originally performed in The Assembly Rooms Theatre in partnership with Wrong Tree Theatre Company, Foundations is an experimental play about technology, love, and bad dancing, told through physical theatre and puppetry.


London Preview 

Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre | Sunday 5th June | 17:00 

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Edinburgh Fringe 

Underbelly: Belly Button | 4th - 21st August | 11:05

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The entire cast was impeccable... don’t miss this family-friendly, wholesome puppeteer show!"

Lost in Theatreland

"This coraline-esque show is dazzling in its fluidity and imagination." North West End

 "Foundations is radically, brilliantly, unsafe... Foundations manages to feel both old, with its puppetry and steampunk, and wholly, necessarily, modern. It feels wholly relevant to our time. It is, in a word, new."


"The music tied the whole show together and worked beautifully with the movements... an outstanding five-star performance that should not be missed."

First Night