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Three children awaken at sea.

A stormed has passed… …and another stirs on the distant horizon.

But in this wonderland, the waters are alive. What dreams will rise from the azure shallows? And what nightmares lurk in the blackened depths? As their pasts, presents and futures intertwine, the siblings will sail through a dimension only found in the wildest of children’s books. Can they ever sail to the sunrise?


TOUCH is the first feature length production by UVP. Originally adapted from a stage play, and filmed during the COVID-19 Pandemic in conjunction with government restrictions, TOUCH tells a sensitive story of reconnecting in a world where people feel oceans apart.

by Aaron Rozanski

Awakening in a paradisiacal forest, Samantha remembers nothing.

But high-above, whistling in a tree, the charming Sebastian is all too happy to guide her home. 

And yet, as they journey deeper into the whispering trees, a secret is desperate to stay hidden. A secret that will shatter the beauty that Samantha clings to with her life...

A short film created by 11 young people from around the UK with the National Film and Television School and British Film Institute.

by Tom Murray

Two students.

Auditioning for a play on Zoom.

Sat in a breakout room rehearsing.




We join them.


Filmed during the COVID-19 Lockdown, ULTRAVIOLET is thrilled to produce this short Absurdist film written and directed by Tom Murray, starring Charlie Barnett and Ben Willows.

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